Who We Are

Renaissance Art Academy was established in 2009 by artist Rhonda Cross. From small beginnings in her home studio to the new space in Summerhill Square she has enjoyed helping persons of all ages realize their artistic dreams. Even those previously unable to draw or paint have brought their dreams to life and can now express themselves as artists.

Rhonda was trained in Master Artist Larry Gluck's Mission: Renaissance Academy in Los Angeles and later licensed as a Gluck Method Certified Instructor. The Gluck Method is a revolutionary program of instruction that teaches students the fundamentals of fine art in a fun, step-by-step sequence that guaranties success from the very start. It has been taught in Mr. Gluck's own Los Angeles studios for over forty years, and is now the world's largest program of fine art instruction.

We believe that a person doesn't have to be born with artistic talent but that it can be acquired with proper training -just as a person learns math or reading. Drawing and painting beautifully are teachable skills, and with the Gluck Method the secrets of the great masters unfold from the very first class.The fun, simplified version of these traditions result in immediate and continuous improvement-for students as young as 6 to 106!

We offer a Free Introductory Class because we realize some may be hesitant to 'commit' (although, in fact, there is no commitment-classes are offered on a month by month basis). This class enables a person to try it out and see if its a good fit for them without any obligation.

Take your first step toward becoming the artist you always wanted to be-call today to enroll or to schedule a Free Introductory Class for you or your child. 903-293-2008

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